Business Roundabout

Some of the newer additions in Overland Park, Kansas, the city that I live in, are roundabouts – those wonderful circles that are supposed to help control traffic without using stop signs or lights. Have you come across one that has multiple lanes, entrances and exits? It’s difficult to tell what lane you are supposed to be in and where you are supposed to turn to go in the direction you are intending. Most have very detailed signs illustrating the proper lanes for turning, but even then it’s hard to watch the signs and navigate the turns. Sometimes you may exit only to find out you are going the wrong way. Back into the roundabout you go! In some instances, it is almost easier to go around the circle several times prior to navigating your way out. I wonder what the record is for circling around a roundabout? What is the motivation for them finally making a change and getting out?

I can’t help but relate this to the business world and business owners. How many times do businesses move along smoothly until they encounter a “business roundabout” and then become stuck circling in the same place until they move forward? The “business roundabout” could be employee turnover, shrinking profit margins, tight cashflow, time management or any other of the very common problems successful business owners face. What causes them to stay in the roundabout and what helps them negotiate the lanes and turns to finally break free and move forward?

As a former executive of a publicly traded company, a small business owner, and a newly certified professional business coach – I have firsthand experience in solving many of these “business roundabouts”. Many times these common problems seem hard to overcome until you look at them from a different perspective. At that point, you often find that you had the solution within your grasp, but you just needed some guidance to make the right turn. Like the street signs that are present to help navigate the traffic circle, there are similar options for business owners to help them navigate to the right turn to solve their problem. One of the many benefits of using a professional business coach is the guidance you receive to help navigate the common problems successful business owners encounter on their journey. We’re here to help you reach your destination and enjoy the ride.