It’s All In The Name

Each time you try something new, there will be pressure to get things right. When you are starting a new business, the list of things to get “right” can be pretty lengthy. From my past experience, the science or art of picking the right name can be the most intimidating. Especially when the name you pick represents you and what you believe in. In my mind, this is no small thing.

When I started looking for a business name, I wanted something that wasn’t too specific or confining, but at the same time gave an idea of what I was trying to do. Knowing that I probably lacked the creativity of coming up with a brand new word, I focused on something that denoted action. I thought this was especially important since my focus is going to be on improving businesses.

When I first came across the word “incite”, I was intrigued. Historically it has been used in relation to acts of aggression – “incite a riot”, but the actual meaning is “stimulate or prompt to action”. That part really resonated with me. While I was a little concerned with the negative connotation, if I connected Incite to Business, I felt it conveyed a strong positive message. Ultimately, what I will be doing is prompting action within a business.

It probably makes sense to also answer the question, “What will Incite Business do?” My broad plan is to take a collaborative approach to small and medium businesses that want to grow to the next level. That could be helping create and executing a strategic plan, identifying and delivering alternative revenue channels, or working within the existing organization to help at a crucial growth phase. With over 20 years of experience growing many different types of businesses, I believe Incite Business has the opportunity to be a positive force for others.