Buying a Business

Buying a Business

Looking to buy your first business and need help navigating the process? Incite has helped with this process many times across different industries.

One of the interesting ways we can help potential Buyers is by investigating opportunities on their behalf. Some Buyers are still employed and do not have large amounts of time to commit to an extensive search. Carving out time during a busy workday to pursue your dreams can sometimes be challenging.

Incite Business can offer the extra bandwidth to perform a comprehensive search. A few of the services Incite can provide are:

  • Curated search assistance – identify the type of business that best suits your goals and create a customized search regimen
  • Evaluate opportunities – provide an unbiased review on how a potential opportunity matches your goals
  • Business plans for loan applications  – utilizing a proven approach to providing financial institutions the level of detail needed
  • Due diligence – collaborating on this crucial phase of the deal process to ensure value
  • Vendor and service provider assistance – identifying trusted partnerships to give your business the best chance of success
  • Running your business – create and execute a successful plan once you have taken possession of your new business

Selling a BusinessSelling a Business

Are you a small business owner thinking about selling your business? Every business owner will eventually hand over their business to someone else. Whether it is a family member, faithful employee(s), or a new investor. This is an important transition and will take careful planning and execution, even while you are still operating your company at a high level.

We can help you navigate this important road map; helping clarify critical questions along the way:

  • How can you improve and maximize this future value?
  • What is the best avenue to transition ownership?
  • How do you manage the sale process and continue to run your business?

These are just a few of the important considerations that you will encounter as you think about selling your business.

Contact Incite Business to discuss how we can assist you achieving your goals.